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Barbaro Crespo
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Masterclasses: Stage de Musiques Afro-Cubaines
22 - 27 August 2022
Buis les Baronnies, France
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Barbaro Yordany Crespo Richard aka Machito, born in Havana, Cuba in 1991, is the son of great congas and rumba master Sandalio Crespo Calderón.

By the age of just 12, he began to perform with the Cuban folklore group ‘Echu Alaboni’. At only 17 years old, Machito signed his first contract with the ‘Compañía De Danzas Tradicionales De Cuba JJ’, embracing his talent through traditional Cuban rhythms. When he was 21, he became a part of the great group ‘El Solar de los Seis’, where he took his first steps beyond traditional Cuban music, playing jazz, pop and collaborating with many Cuban artists. Over the years, Machito participated in numerous festivals, performed in theatres, television and popular events in Havana.

Since 2013, Machito has been associated with the group ‘Adonis y Osain del Monte’, as its co-founder along with his cousin Adonis Panter Calderón, and a leading percussionist of the group. It is the most popular rumba group in Cuba, which has gained also popularity in the international music scene. The group presents a modern interpretation of native folklore, combined with popular Cuban music. With ‘Adonis y Osain del Monte’ he recorded so far two albums: ‘Pal Monte’ and ‘Sin Comentarios’.

Between 2017 and 2020, as a member of a formation ‘Trio Peligroso’, Machito participated as a percussionist and a co-composer in the afro-jazz French-Cuban music project ‘¿Que vola?’. The debut album of ‘Que Vola?’ was released in January 2019.

Machito’s international music career has started in 2016, and since then he performed at various recognized festivals and events, among others in the USA (New Orleans and New York), Democratic Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa), Morocco, as well as European scenes (France, Germany, Poland, Spain, UK, Finland, Switzerland).

Currently, Machito is located in Europe and working on new music projects, cooperating with other artists and giving percussion master classes.